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Do girls (non-pro) like webcam sex? If so where to find them?

“Do girls like webcam sex?” to be more precise. Do girls like having webcam sex not in any way work related or for money just purely for enjoyment. Well this question is probably in the same category as “do women like anal sex?”.  Answer Some do, some don’t, and others have to be in the mood.

Recent studies show that 25% percent of the female gender once in their life time either showed their naked body on cam or watched someone performing on cam, or both. Now I can imagine a lot of Guys asking: So 1 out of every 4 women are open to Internet sex then why can’t I find any girl willing to have a sexy video chat with me other then the ones one pay sites?

Well you have to understand for a girl it is easy to find a cam partner, most men wouldn’t be offended if they accept a video chat and a girl is showing her private parts. Unlike men most girls get ton’s of stalky types on their messengers and social pages trying to get them to talk dirty or show some flesh. And most girls not appreciate to get invited to a video  and when the image show BAM! COCK!! They either block you right away or laugh very hard at your tiny cock and then block you.

If a girl is in the mood she will have no problem finding some video chat entertainment, this can be a stranger or the interesting hot funny guy she’s been talking to for a while online. If you are the interesting funny guy you have a bigger chance to find a girl online willing to engage in some hot interaction. If you are the pathetic cock-flasher you might get lucky if you use a brute force tactic and you are flashing your stick to dozens of girls every day.  Yes out of every 100 girls 1 girl statistically will be in the mood and think “ah what the heck, I need to get off”. Well congratulations but for the most part the blind-shot for the bulls-eye webcamsex sessions with girls you never see again are never as arousing and satisfying compared to a regular cam partner where the tension is build up  from first introduction conversations to the teasing middle chats and finally the ultimate act itself.

One of the great things about webcamsex is that you can explore your deeper fantasies en it’s more easy to go a little bit crazy. For example a lot of girls use webcam sex to explore sexual interaction with another woman or dirty talking, submission etc. To do such a thing with someone who might live at the other side of the world is for many much easier than it would be in “real life’ with someone close to your social life in your own town. But to get to know each others fantasies, wishes and turn-ons you will have to get to know each other a little bit better on a personal level and this takes time, even online. And time is something the cock flasher doesn’t have with his  “one night webcam stands”, so he will have as much sexual tension and a connection no deeper as with a porn movie.

Now many guys will think Dude what the #@^# are you talking about with your tension and connection, I want to see pussy. And because these guys fail to so see things from the girl’s perspective they will always be the ones wondering why they cannot get a girl naked on cam.

And of course not all girls want a connection or want to get to know someone a little bit better or explore fantasies. Some girls just want to get it on! These boob showers are just looking for a quick fix like their male cock flashing counterparts. But these girls are rare and you better have something worthwhile to flash because boobshowers  generally can choose any male cam partner they want.

So where do you find girls to get naked on cam? on every messenger, chat site, and social network there is! Just stop stalking and showing your cock before telling your name. Try to make fun conversation not aimed at getting the girl naked  within 5 minutes. Flirt without being obtrusive. Pretty much just like real life …

Feel free to comment and share your views and/or experiences.