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Why do people pay for webcam sex when there’s free porn?

Why Pay For Webcam Sex?

Well, the answer to the question: “Why do people pay for webcam sex when there are free webcam sex sites?” is pretty much the same as the answer to the question “Why do people pay for webcam sex when there is so much free porn to be found on the web?”

Difference Between Live Chat & Porn Videos

Because they are two totally different things. Someone who pays for a private webcam chat doesn’t get the same kick out of watching a non-interactive porn video as he/she does when having live virtual sex with a webcam model.

Many might be satisfied just getting off on a porn movie. But with cam sex you are your own porn movie director, you can fulfill fantasies and the live sexual interaction between two people brings a level of excitement that many just don’t get out of a video.

Interactive Sex Contact and Intimacy

Up to a certain level, the same goes for free webcam sex versus Paid webcam sex, free webcam sex sites are based on tipping systems which means one camgirl is in live chat with multiple viewers. Viewers can tip a small (or large) amount to get a girl to do/show something.

This means if you are not planning to tip and just watch for free you will see a girl perform other people’s wishes most of the time. Also while there is the interaction between the cam model and the viewers, she is chatting with sometimes up to a hundred viewers at once. So it is nowhere near as intimate as a private show is.

Private Cam Sex Vs Free Group Shows

For some voyeurs the lack of interaction is not a problem, just the knowledge that the show is live is sufficient. But other people find these free shows almost the same as watching a porn video, with no interaction or intimacy. And these are the people that will gladly pay for a private show.

Keep in mind free webcam sex sites are great to try out webcam sex or to get free previews of girls you might want to take in private, but if you get seduced into tipping or if you take a girl in private at a free cam site you’ll probably spend more than you average private show at other non-free sites.

So make up your mind: Is a free group chat really enough for you? if so then free webcam sites are the solution for you. But if you want to experience how horny and totally more fulfilling a private show is where the girl has only eyes for you and your wishes. Then you are cheaper of by registering at a cheap private show site.

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