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I caught my husband having webcam sex

Webcam sex can give many problems in a relationship and is even known as the cause for separation. The web is full with “my husband is having webcam sex with someone what should i do?” topics. The answer is: Nobody can tell you!

For some women, having there spouse watching live nude girls is unacceptable and equals cheating, so game over. Other women don’t mind at all they dont’t care if their husband or boyfriend watches porn or is having webcam sex as long as it’s not in ‘real life’ and he’s sleeping at home they couldn’t care less, hell they might even share the hobby.

Then there’s another category: the women who don’t know what to think about it and they resort to asking other peoples opinions when in fact they are the only one who can answer the question if it’s acceptable for them. Every single case is different and there is no universal answer whether it is acceptable or not

First of all if you really don’t want him to engage in online activities like these, that’s it. You should tell him and he should listen, no room for argument. En don’t feel pressured in being “more open minded” no matter how many responses like “don’t worry its just porn” or ” He comes home to you every night right?” from others you get.

Having that said, for a great deal of women the real problem is not the watching of naked women online in itself. But the real headache comes from the communication and live interaction with another women. it makes them feel insecure, why does he need attention from someone else, Am i not enough? am i not satisfying him in bed. And these among other questions are all valid questions. Now don’t start worrying and thinking you are worthless in bed or he doesn’t feel happy in the relationship. For the majority of the men it is just entertainment. Like watching a sports game or eating a pizza.

So you caught him having webcam sex and he says it’s nothing: If you feel like you are happy together and you haven’t had any major problems oustide of the usual relationship arguements  then he’s probably telling the truth and it really is just superficial entertainment. Rember even if it’s just superficial entertainment you have every right to ask him to stop it! And if you are really happy together he will not make a big deal out of dropping his hobby.

On the other hand if it is not just occasional fun, the realationship isn’t going as smoothly as it should and he’s “meeting” with for example the same girl online on a regular basis then it might be time for a good talk. There is no use for me to list probable causes of why he would do such a thing. Because they can vary from not being satisfied sexually  to work related stress.

One thing I would like to say is: If  (and this is a common problem) he feels the sex is not like when you 2 first met. Don’t feel ashamed to talk about your sexual life and about his and your wishes, never feel like you are not good in bed, many couples come to a point where they need some spicing up in their sex life. Now don’t go running to the sexshop buying whips and strange machines right away it  doens’t have to be extreme stuff, some sexy lingerie  or taking the time to have an romantic evening once a week will do in most cases.

To summarize: There is probably no need to worry if you catch your man having webcamsex. Men will be men and they like to see tits and and ass. if you don’t like it, tell him to stop. And  If you do think its a sign of a bigger problem then you’ve probably allready had some underlaying feelings about the relationship not being as healthy as it should be. The remedy, just talk about it! It’s a simple as that.

And the most important:The only ones who can take your doubts away are you & your husband. So don’t listen to others when they say kick him out or just accept it. There are tons of articles on the internet telling you what to do and how to feel. They are all wrong (except for this one of coorse)

Feel free to comment and share your views and/or experiences.

Good luck!