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Are Cheap Cam sex Sites just as good as the more expensive ones?

As you might know by reading our cheap cam sex reviews, we take great value in affordable pricing when reviewing cam sites, and if a cam site has low rates there’s a good change it will rank high in our lists. This already answers the question to some extent. but the truth is the pricing of a cam site doesn’t really day anything about the quality of the private shows you might get. There are a multitude of other factors that come in to play, most of them are related to the specific webcam model you choose.

Fanbase Size

One of the factors that a decides the price for specific webcam girl is her fanbase. If you’re a webcam performer and you just start out and/or do not have any regular visitors, you need a selling point to attract new customers. one of these, and maybe the best, selling points is of course your price. Cheap sex cams sell faster than expensive ones. The more well known webcam models already have regular customers and are so busy that they can afford to raise their prices. Does this mean that she gives better shows? not at all, in fact most newcomers give amazing shows because they need to make sure their first time customers will become regular visitors. they way to do this is by making sure all the visitors wishes are met to perfection so they leave her chat box satisfied. On the other hand it also doesn’t mean the more expensive cam girl gives worse shows. There is a reason the more expensive girls got to raise her price in the first place, probably because here show are so amazing the customers keep coming back for more.

Commission Percentage

another factor that plays a role in determining a webcam girls price is the commission percentage a girl receives. Not all the money you spend on a webcam girl ends up in her wallet, The operator that runs the webcam site through which the performer sells her services also gets a percentage. the bigger this percentage the higher the price per minute in most cases.

Private Shows vs Group Shows

Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of shows are we talking about. Often we receive comments on our reviews from people who can’t understand why people would pay for webcam sex no matter how cheap when there are site that offer free webcam sex.- First of all there, is no such thing as free webcam sex ( and we are not talking about that slutty girl from your work you have on skype). Those “free” webcam sex sites offer group shows where all visitors but the webcam model still waits for small donations from different visitors before she starts her show. And yes if you wait until others donate you could watch this show for free.
.-Second of all, if you dont take part in small donations the girl won’t do anything you ask here because she can see you’re not spending money and most of the time she won’t even chat with you, you’ll end up watching her act out others fantasies without any interaction. This undermines the whole purpose of interactive cyber sex, you might as well watch a porn video.

So in the case of free group shows yes cheap is definitely not on the level of a personal private cam show where you actually are interacting with a webcam girl and she is for your eyes and wishes only. A private show on the other hand you can find just as good ones cheap as you would spending more. So yes cheap cam sex sites are (can be) just as good as the more expensive ones.