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The hottest camgirls out of all sites
Livejasmin always has been known for having the hottest camgirls and the highest quality webcam shows. Unfortunately, this used to come with a downside: Expensive private shows. Fortunately, with the addition of 99 cents girls, one of Livejasmin's biggest negatives has been somewhat negated. and it's now a camsite all should at least experienceonce.
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First Impression:
Are there still people out there who have never seen or heard of LiveJasmin? Probably, but my guess is that those people either don’t have internet or are not sexually active, because if you surf the internet looking for live sex sites or porn videos, you will have a close encounter with LiveJasmin, that’s for sure. And when you do, you better be ready for what’s coming so read this article and learn more about LiveJasmin.

Livejasmin has some of the hottest camgirls you will ever see

Livejasmin is one of the biggest and oldest webcam sex sites. Known for its high quality and amazingly gorgeous webcam models. I even dare to say the hottest camgirls out of all webcam sex sites. But that quality also use to come at a price. Expensive cam shows that is. Let’s see how Livejasmin does in the current day and age when there are plenty of cheap cam sex sites to choose from.

Navigation and Registration:

The LiveJasmin homepage is basically a preview of what is in store, random girls are displayed, and clicking on one of them directs you to her free chat area unless the particular girl is in member chat. The main navigation bar on top of the page is where you can log in, edit your account, search models, and buy credits. There is also a link to the LiveJasmin 69’s team which is a list of the best-rated and most popular LiveJasmin models. You can access the free chat area without registering however if you want unlimited free access and secure username registration is required. Register for free here

Webcam Models and Site Features:

LiveJasmin is not big, LiveJasmin is huge! It seems it is always rush hour at LiveJasmin and there are countless models online 24-7. The variety in models is very impressive, meaning basically you can find whatever you are looking for at LiveJasmin: girls, porn stars, grannies, and trannies from all over the world are well represented and performing all thinkable fetishes. So how are you going to find your favorite performer with so much choice? Well, just use the “custom filter” option to help you find what you’re looking for. Lately, LiveJasmin has added a lot of extra features to give the site even more of a community feel and some of these features are really awesome and especially helpful like the possibility to rate models and to write comments on her “wall”. LiveJasmin also offers the possibility to watch 3d webcam sex shows!

Pricing and Payment Options:

LiveJasmin Credits can be purchased in packages and a lot of different payment options are available such as credit card, direct debit and there’s even a pay by phone option. As said before Livejasmin is a high-quality site with some of the most beautiful women you will ever see. But that quality always used to come at a price.: expensive private shows. And yes the top camgirls at livejasmin still get away with asking high rates for private shows. It’s not uncommon to see prices like $3.99 or even more per minute of private show. But fortunately changes have been made in the recent years and more models available at lower prices are now available

99 cents camgirls

The rate per model varies but most models seem to charge around $1.99 per minute making that the average LiveJasmin private show rate. By far not the cheapest but also not as expensive as they used to be. But the biggest improvement in recent years is the addition of 99 cents camgirls.

If you look in the model filter dropdown menu, you will see that you can select camgirls based on pretty much any imaginable feature. These are for example physical features like build, the color of the hair and eyes, size of the breasts. Or personality features, like shyness, kinky, what fetishes they like. But there is also now a price feature. This lets you quickly select all webcam models that are available in your desired budget. So you can simply choose a price range of 0-99 cents and you will instantly be presented with all the camgirls that give private shows for 99 cents or less.

This is incredibly useful and makes the argument that LIvejasmin is a great webcam sex site but too expensive a non-argument.

Final Thoughts:

LiveJasmin is here and here to stay, which is a good thing if you ask me. In our experience LiveJasmin is always busy improving its system, trying new things, and adding better features because LiveJasmin understands perfectly that in order to stay on top of its game, it is important to listen carefully to what the members want. In the meantime, it is our job to keep the LiveJasmin girls busy and with the addition of 99 cents camgirls, anyone can now do so and enjoy the insanely hot camgirls they have available