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100$ Free Webcam credit every month!!!!!

We at cheapsexreviews are sad to say that in these times of financial struggle we were forced  to let a few of our reviewers go.  But I won’t bother you with the dramatic details because from this drama also something good arose, and that is a new website: webcamsexreviews.com!  Developed by our ex-reviewers and by the looks of the site you can tell that ambition will not be a lacking factor in making this new review site a success.

Let’s skip to the important news, the free webcam sex credit. To be more precise, $100 every month. How can you receive this free credit? It’s very easy. The only thing you have to do is be an active member in the new forum at www.webcamsexreviews.com/forums/ . Every month the most active member will receive the $100 to spend  on hot camgirls. The forum is brand now so there are almost no members yet, which means there is almost no competition right now. More info can be found in the forums at http://webcamsexreviews.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2

We wish our old friends good luck with their new website. And we wish all of you reading this good luck with winning the monthly credit.