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Me in my first year as webcam model

the importance of preparation

Me in my first year as webcam model

In my previous and first post I told you about my first webcam appearance which was obviously not the best premiere ever. As said I convinced myself I would be much better in place as a solo cam model and in the end I was right. But if you think the road to solo success was without any bumps you could not be more wrong. In this post I will reveal and confess some of my most awkward situations I got myself into during the first period of my solo career. Keep in mind I still feel pretty embarrassed writing this article, but what the hell, we are all human.

While typing down the words first period, I came immediately to think of the first time I got my period during a session with a fan. I knew I felt a bit unusual that particular day, but did not pay attention to what might have been a sign. I use the pill and I pretty much control my period very well. Now, if you must know, I use another alternative to control my period. But that day I was playing with my dildo during a session, and as it was coming in and going out. I felt I was more wet than usual, but it was not until I saw the reaction that I realized that obviously something was up, or out in this case. Getting it out and taking a brief look at my, what used to be pink, dildo I saw a nicely covered in blood plastic penis staring back at me. I must say, it was not the most best looking dildo I held in my hand anymore and had cut my little one-on-one short to, well lets say, take care of my self.

One other time, I was rushing to “get to work” and after preparing myself neatly and clean for a fan, I was surprised to look at my self, legs open and realizing I did not shave down there well enough. Which means that the whole time I was showing myself off I was also showing of pubic hair. However only on the right site of my pussy. How on earth did I not take care of the right site of my pussy? And why did my guy on the other side NOT mention anything? Did he think it was a new trend I was sporting? Was he thinking that my body had a spot right there? I don’t know what his thoughts were, but as long as he didn’t budge, I too continued like nothing was out of the ordinary.

I kind of also forgot to get rid of the hair that was growing under my arms once, but since most of the times I don’t need to raise my arms, I secretly still don’t always worry if the hair has only just started growing. Too much info? Well, I certainly hope so 🙂

It is also important to check all your nails on your fingers especially when you have fake nails, like I do, but I use gel. And they are not going anywhere. I know of a friend though, that used press-on nails and one got lost while fingering herself. It just came lose in her pussy. Her fake press-on jungle read nail came lose and she was told she lost a nail in action by her fan. He of course wanted her to get it out so he can see her get it out. Good for him. But maybe the lesson is to check your press-on’s before GOING IN?

The things I always really prepare for are my feet. Underneath them too. My hair must look fluffy and clean.  Lotion is a must, nobody wants to look at dry skin.

Using a stool can sometimes also be funny. I remember when I was trying to change my position and using the stool next to my bed to hold one leg and it slipped from underneath me. This meant that I also slipped off the bed on the floor on my naked ass, while having my dildo? pressed deep inside of my vagina. Well, that day I got it deep.

Forgetting to put off your mobile phone. I will not forget to put my phone on silent or off or in the other room. One day I was told I was rude for thinking he could not hear the phone vibrate. I guess that made him feel like I was not involved enough with him. What if it was my vibrator? Truth is, I was involved, cause I did not even hear it. But since I am not rude, I make sure that it will not happen again.

It took me a long time before I wanted to go anal with my toys. But let me tell you, being out of lubricant will just NOT do it. I always make sure I have lubricant, oil, Vaseline or something that will make it slippery enough, otherwise that gate ain’t opening. Got that experience down after my first time live. I could not even get it in my pussy that day. If you are interested in reading that article, scroll up and click on the link.