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My Dirty Daddy Fantasy

Hi boys and girls, I’ve been asked to write something for cheapsexreviews.com and I decided to tell you about my Daddy Roleplay fantasy. For as long as I can remember I’ve been attracted to older guys. Even high school I used to have casual sex with a lot of guys who where already in college or in  some cases already graduated.

I love being submissive during sex a man who uses me any way he likes gets me crazy horny. Bringing in some Daddy role play really gets me dripping wet. To be daddy’s little dirty slut in bed and to please him in any way he wants is a fantasy you don’t easily share with your partner because many people might react strange when you call them daddy during sex. I used to have an older boyfriend. Well not really a boy friend more of a sex partner. The sex was spectacular. He knew exactly what i was looking for when it came to my daddy role play fantasies. One of my favorite things he used to do is ask me about my sexual adventures. While he held his big throbbing cock against my pussy he commanded me to tell him in detail about al the dirty stuff I had done while in high school. All the while he called me daddy’s little girl. “

“Has daddy’s girl been a little slut in high school?”

“yes daddy”

“So there have been a lot of cocks in this wet little pussy,Now you gonna have daddy’s big cock inside you, I’ll fill you up better than those young boys”

“come on spread you legs for daddy”

“Ohw yes daddy, please stick it in me’

And while he slowly enters my now gushing pussy with his big cock almost ripping my tight pussy apart, he would say.

“Does daddy’s perverted little slut feel full now”

I could orgasm instantly when he would say that, but i always had to ask for permission to cum.

Usually I had to tell him about all the cocks a sucked, the sperm I tasted, how I’d give up my ass to anyone who liked it etc.

After daddy was satisfied he’d let me cum on his cock, calling me a good girl and daddy’s sweet girl while I was climaxing.

After I came he would fill me up with his milk, or let me suck his cock empty.

My god even witing about it I feel my panties getting wet. Unfortunately currently I do not have a sex partner who shares this fantasy. But luckily my work as webcam girl gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to explore my sexual fantasies. Behind a webcam boundaries fade and people are more willing to experiment, probably because of the higher anonymity factor. I love it when we webcam client treats me as his little and let’s me play out my daddy fantasy for him. Most men love it and cum just as hard as me.

Ok, I’m too horny now, i really need to masturbate. If there are any many who’d also like to engage in some daddy role playing my Name is Arrysa, i’m 19 years young and you can find me on Cheapcamsex.com , hope to see you soon , daddy xox