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€ 5,- for 1 Hour webcam sex!? Sexshowtime!

The following webcam sex site was brought to our attention by one of our new ( and beautiful ) members Sandra. The site is different from your regular webcamsex site. Some will love it others will hate it. Let me start by saying the site is in dutch. But don’t let that scare you away just yet because webcam girls speak English and the live shows are accessible from Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. (All other readers from different countries don’t worry we give away free tickets, read on how to get them)  Trust me it is worth it because the site offers 1 hour 100% live hardcore shows for only € 5,- !

I bet that got your attention right? how can they offer such low prices you think? Simple… the shows start on a fixed time and everybody with 5 bucks can buy a ticket for the show.  So the shows are not private 1 on 1 but multiple viewers are in the videochat.  The model that we ‘reviewing’ was Amber Dawn. A beautiful redhead. The show was extremely good:  Dirty talk, Fingering, masturbation with Toys, and a nice wet orgasm to finish it off. Amber responded nicely to all the guys and girl who had question.  Rude guys and girls and people repeating commands were kicked out of the chatroom.

I wasn’t to sure about the multiple viewers but It was a very fun and horny experience.  of course you don’t get as much attention as you would in a private 1 on 1 show, but hey its hard to complain at these rates. And some people might actually prefer these kind of shows because they are not obligated to talk or show themselves. just a quiet voyeury jerk for the shy guy ( or girl of course)

So how to pay?  Paying is done by phone. First write domw your ticketcode as shown on the orange ticket at the left side of the site. Once you have written down you can activate the ticket by paying the 5 bucks simple click on the code select your country  and call the given Number. keep the line open untill the progress bar is full. Voila your ticketcode is now active for use!

On the homepage at www.sexshowtime.nl you find the time schedule of the shows ( keep in mind these are dutch times so you might te calculate the correct time for your country) once a show has started a siren will appear. Now you can enter your ticket code in the box at the right side of the screen and click Ticket Activeren ( activate ticket) click ok when the pop-up appears ( which warns you to show respect to the girls or you will be banned) and you are  in the members section beneath the live show you will find a link saying KLIK HIER om naar de show te gaan. Click that link and the fun begins!

Might sound like a hazzle for non dutch speaking people, but once you get the hang of it you will have  access to hardore live  shows for a ridiculously low price. Of course there will always be people who will prefer one on one private action and are more than happy to pay extra. So be it for all the others who find webcamsex just too expensive sexshowtime.nl is a cgreat cheap alternative.

And as you’ve probably read in the first part of this reviews, we are giving away free tickets! how can you get  a free ticket? Just register at cheapsexreviews.com and post a review of your favourite webcamgirl or webcamsexsite. Postive and Negative experiences are welcome. Never had webcamsex? don’t worry because you can also post a funny or horny  sexual experience you had.

After every approved post (don’t expect to get a ticket with badly written English or after only 5 words) you will receive your free ticket in you private message box.

For questions contact the Admin by pm or post your question in our forum. In the mean time check out www.sexshowtime.nl