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5 Tips too increase revenue as a webcam girl.

Sandra Cam girl

Hi, I’m Sandra and I’ve been working for many many years as a webcam girl now. During these years I’ve heard numerous complaints of new-coming webcam girls about the fact that they do not make enough money. I’ve successfully helped many of them increase their daily income. Today I want to share I few of those tips with you. They might seem obvious but you won’t believe how many of my (rookie) colleagues fail to pay attention to these simple rules. So let’s get started:

1. Don’t be too expensive, cheap webcam sex sells!

Many girls who start out in the webcam bussiness try to get rich quickly by asking the same rates per minute as the top performers on the site. They fail to understand that these top performers have worked hard and long to get in the position where they can ask for insanely high rates. They have a big fan-base and/or many unique selling points ( A unique selling point can be particular fetishes and/or sexual acts that other webcam girls refuse to participate in and therefore is difficult to find online) If you lower your price you might get less cash per minute. But you will get a lot more customers which will result in a higher income at the end of they. Also It’s a good way to start building your fanbase. Down the road whe you become more and more popular with a steady growth in regular customers you can experiment with increasing rates. So unless you have some very unique selling points make sure to start out affordable with low prices.

2. make sure to have a good internet connection

Nothing makes customers leave quicker than a laggy and choppy live video and audio stream. So make sure you have a sufficiently fast reliable internet connection with enough upload and download speed to keep you customers satisfied

3. Image quality

The best internet connection in the world is worthless if you combine it with a crappy webcam. high definition is the way to go and good optical zoom with remote control is preferable. Nowadays these HD webcams are not so expensive as they used to be so there really isn’t an excuse not to provide you customers with a crisp and clear webcam experience
Also pay attention to your lighting! Even if your webcam and internet connection are top notch, without sufficient and correct lighting visuals will be below average, and visuals is what is it’s all about of course. You don’t need a professional lighting setup. Just make sure that you have sufficient FRONT lighting. Besides making you better visible sufficient lighting also makes you look better because it eliminates shadows which in turn makes your body look smooth ,any wrinkles or other bodily imperfections will be less visible.

4. Pay attention to your Presentation on your profile

You need to get customers interested. So make sure to give as much information in your profile as you can. This is the perfect place to present your unique selling points. ( For example squirting, peeing, roleplaying) Of course you don’t have to ad or do any sexual acts that are outside your comfort zone. But even if the sexual acts that you are willing to perform live on cam are pretty standard, your profile remains the place to convince customers to have a private show with you. Get them excited with sexy talk, or present your self like a shy girl, be the dominant mistress. It’s up to you to create a personality that works the best for you. and Pay attention to your profile pictures! No you do not have to have professional photo shoots on you profile like some girls have. But having only photos of you sitting at a desk in front of the cam looking bored is not the way to go. But some sexy outfits and take pictures in seducing poses. A god picture says more than a thousand words people say, and this is especially true when it comes to webcam sex.

5. Personality, make them like you.

Always be nice to your customers! This can be very difficult because sometimes you have no connection whatsoever with a particular person, some people are rude , or some days you’re just in a bad mood. But key is to have customers return to you. They won’t if you are a bitch and bad tempered all the time. Be interested laugh at their jokes and make them feel special. Of course when when it comes to fantasies some people prefere you to be dominant and bossy but this is not what I’m talking about. And of course there are limits if a customer is just plain rude and after friendly warnings doesn’t change his or her attitude you can just block or ban him If he doesn’t respect your personal rules and limits. But in general try to be a nice, friendly and fun person. This is very important for building up your fan-base.

Follow these tips and you can be assured that receiving maximum profit from your webcam job.

Good luck!,