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First Impression:
In this next review we will discuss Cheaper Cams, an European based adult webcam site with some cool features. This site basically uses a “no nonsense” philosophy which we like. When you enter the site, you immediately come face to face with the online girls…so what you see is what you get.

Webcams Navigation and Registration:

It is clear, this site is not one going for the pretty looks,  it is very straight to the point, hardcore webcam sex without any strings attached. They have login part, but it  has been hidden on the correct section of the site,  they don’t force me to register, I can browse the models freely, and I can enter private chat directly by calling a number. Of course other payment methods with registering is also available

Webcam Models and Site Features:  During t he time of this reviews I found about 30 online webcam models. 30 models online , let’s be honest in comparison to the bigger sites like camcontacts.com and Live Jasmin both hundreds of models online 24/7, 30 models is simply disappointing. Okay, the 30 models online all young , hot and sexy, but nevertheless choice is very limited. There is a compact search tool which let you search by age, race and haircolor but a search tool is pretty unnecissary when you only have 30 models online. So if you are looking for a specific hard to find kinky fetish cheaper cams is probably not the site for you. If you ust want to get it on with a hot slutty kitten you’ll be fine.

Webcam Pricing and Payment Options:

When you click on a webcam model you’ll be forwarded to the payment screen . Registering is still not required and this is  the largest pluspunt of cheaper Cams. If you choose to pay by phone you simply call the number you see fill in the given code and as long as you keep the line open you’ll have access to all the horny girls. Simple, quick and anonymous.  The pricing by phone depends on the country you live in. Example: calling from the Netherlands costs you : 0.80 Euro per minute (about 1 dollar), calling from the US costs you 1.99 dollar per minute, and that is a fair price allthough we would have like to see a bit lower pricing for US people. It is not  way cheap such as camcontacts where you can have live sex for only 0.50 dollars  per minute, but really, which can compete with these prices? The pay by telephone option is available in almost all European countries, as well as the United States and Australia. In some countries  it’s also possible to pay by means of simple sms. My private session lasted approximately 30 minutes, a very horny session complete with a beautiful petite web cam girl . Two days later I checked my tel. bill and I was charged euro 23.46 with no mention of any sex related name, nice for those who want quick anonymous access with no registration and difficult to explain names on their bills.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusion: Cheaper Cams is nice site, the looks are basic, too basic we think, but the looks of the site in one of the less important reviewing points. The bigger problem is the fact that there were  only 30 models online at the moment of this evaluation. No problem if you are looking for some quick hardcore action with a good looking slutty girl.  But if you have very specific whishes when it comes to looks or fetishes, cheaper cams is probably not the site for you. The largest pluspunt is of course their payment options. A creditcard is not necessary,  simply have direct anonymous acces by calling a number with you phone, without registering. The pricing is cheap to average depending on the country you live in. So if you are looking for a no nonsense webcam sex site be sure to check out cheapercams.com

Cheapercams: Easy phone access
  • Anonymous Pay by phone Access
  • 5 free Minutes
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