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Virtual Reality Webcam Sex

And the latest addition, stripchat  is an exiting one, because it’s the first webcam sex site we review that introduces virtual reality webcam sex. For those of you who have experience with virtual reality, you know why this is exiting! For those who don’t have experience with virtual reality, stipchat is the reason why you should get one. And for the few who have no Idea what virtual reality is: Virtual Reality is a technology that lets the user immerse in new fantasy )or real )world through the means of a headset/goggles. This headset lets the user see a 3d stereoscopic video and the headset also has motion sensors detecting your head and body movements. The result is that your brain is getting fooled and makes you feel like you are actually somewhere you are not. You can look around you in 360 degrees. It’s quite an intense and immersive experience. And YouTube videos really do not do it justice  because it’s lacking the immersion.

Virtual Reality Cam girls

Now Stripcjat has implemented this technology in their webcam sex sites and All cam girls labelled with VR can be viewed and talked with in Virtual Reality, which brings a private cam chat to a whole other level because it feels like you are actually in the same room with the cam model, and you will see her in 3d and can watch her from any angle you’d like, Ask here to put her pussy close to your face and you will actually be between her legs with what feels like her pussy actually being only a few inches away. Trust us when we say this has to be experienced to fully understand how real it feels.

Not a Lot cam girls with VR function

Unfortunately not a lot of webcam girls have the VR function available, understandable because this is something new and upcoming in the porn world. Especially when it comes to live webcams. At the time of this review only 4 VR cam girls were online. But we foresee a big increase this year. Of course there are tons of other webcam models to choose from that are available for regular private video chats, so there is plenty to do besides VR. but Again , you have to try virtual reality webcam sex.


But just because not a lot of girls have the new virtual reality function available doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do at stripchat. even without vr stripchat is one of the better camsex sites we’ve encountered with cheap private shows, multiple fetish categories and even free webcam sex shows with multiple viewers who can tip tokens if they wish

Free tokens and Free Sex Cams

At stripchat you pay with tokens, and new visitors automatically qualify for a 50 free tokens giveaway, another reason to register because like we said before besides virtual reality cams there’s a lot more horny stuff to see at stripchat, from remote controlled toys, private shows and free shows. Yes free shows, where a performer gives a live sex show as long as tips are being given or a specific target amount of received tokens is reached. This means you don’t need to be the one paying but you can still wat.

So Vr cams, remote controlled toys, private shows, free shows and a free token giveaway. What are you still doing here!?


Virtual Reality Cam Sex at Stripchat
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