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Roleplay has always been a favorite activity during webcam sex shows, but lately a particular niche is on the rise, namely, Cosplay (short for costume play)  the sources of the costumes are mostly comic books ,films and video games with a difference between eastern (Japanese) and western Cosplay. The eastern Cosplay  is mostly influenced by manga and anime whereas in the western  culture you’ll see many superhero and science fiction related outfits, although the traditional is also gaining popularity in western culture. While Cosplay isn’t necessarily an erotic activity in itself eroticism has always been connected with manga and anime books and movies, also in western culture it’s not surprising that tight superhero outfits while affect people, wearing or seeing it, at an erotic level. Subsequently there is a rise in demand of cosplay webcam girls wearing these sexy outfits. Like said before  Roleplay and sexy outfits have never been a stranger to live webcam sex so the rise of cosplay webcam girls was inevitable. Below you will find a selection of popular erotic cosplay cam girls and costumes:

Superhero costumes: Wonderwoman fingering her pussy

Christie character from fighting video game dead or alive

The traditional schoolgirl/sailor outfit

Red riding hood

Another sexy dead or alive fighting game character

Unknown japanese cosplay webcam girl character found at cheapcamsex.com

Snow white spreading her legs

unknown medieval cosplay costume

Nude sex icon lara Croft from video game Tomb Raider

Sexy japanese cosplay girl spreading pussy lips

The house maid costume a popular classic

Supergirl showing her tight nude body

Nude Star Wars storm trooper girl

catwoman costume simple bet effective

batgirl kinky latex costume

Mystique from the populair X-men franchise

Another classic, devil girl

Another fighting game hottie

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